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This house was locked up in 10 days and completed in 6 weeks 

Cold Shell Option

Attention Project Home Builders, Custom Home Builders & Owner Builders


Precast Concrete Home technology & system allows us to offer you a “Cold Shell “structure of your project or custom designed  home at  “Lock Up” stage and weather proof in just 10 days*. This will allow you as the builder to fit out & complete to your own quality & standard of finish in as little as 6 weeks* or as long as you would like to take.

 With a total home construction time of 8 weeks*, that is up to one third of the construction time of a brick veneer structured house.

 The engineered design & sign off, the strengths of the durable structure, all the weight bearing carried on the concrete panel walls and the concrete walls alleviating issues such as rising damp, salt leaching, brick creeping & corner cracking. Properly presented, this should bring further positive benefits to assessments for builders Home Warranty Insurance Policy.


 The external pre-cast concrete panel walls are 125mm thick with a 40mm cavity to timber or steel frame with wall installation the same as a brick veneer structured home. The high strength concrete panels are poured at 35 mpa & cure at 60 mpa after 28 days. The panel walls  have a minimum fire rating of 2 hours, this exceeds the requirements of AS3959 for the highest “flame zone” category. Not only do they meet all bushfire requirements, they are suitable for common wall structures, such as motels, duplexes, townhouses & retirement villages.

 Realistic competitive pricing, that’s a Precast Concrete Home. As a Builder you can work out the savings yourself. No bricks & mortar, what does that save on your clean up, waste removal costs & tip fees, reduction in professional clean as there would be no mortar splashed on glass & frames,  hire of fencing, toilet & a shed as well as supervision reduced to 8 weeks instead of 16 to 32 weeks.

 Precast Homes Australia and Panel Home Concepts respects & understands  the concerns that builders need to protect their house  plans, under the Precast Concrete Home system design engineering plans need to prepared to have the precast concrete walls manufactured to suit the project home or custom designed home.

 Any use of these plans by us for a cold shell structure would be fully protected by copyright & any relationship between the builders & Precast Homes Australia & its franchisees would be covered under a confidential agreement & the Privacy Act.


 Why not enquire now and see how we can work together with you.

Charlie Johns 0408 211 267  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 *Conditions Apply; Subject to suitable weather condition.


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