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Precast Concrete Homes the new technology in home building has been launched in Southern NSW

The inaugural franchises for the national brand Panel Homes™ the new technology in home building has been launched in Southern NSW, their area covers from Campbelltown to Canberra & the surrounding rural regions.

The system offers an engineered design home, locked up in 10 days & completed in 8 weeks.

Not to be confused with a kit home, the Panel Home is an alternative to the traditional brick veneer structured homes. It is all about the benefits of the precast exterior panel walls.

Franchisee, Project Panel Homes Director, Charlie Johns said, why would you wait 24 to 32 weeks to have  the exterior wall of a house built out of brick, then cement render over it & then paint it when the same finish can be  achieved in just 8 weeks with the Panel Home technology.

While there is little different in the prices, the Panel Home brings major benefits including reduced energy costs to heating  & cooling,  a quieter environment inside, less construction waste & exceptional strength that resists against flood, cyclone & ground movement , the panels have a 2 hour fire rating for protection against bushfires.

The 8 week construction time means extra money available for household extras for those renting while waiting for completion of their new home.

With the first house constructed in Bungendore we found the system is cash flow positive from lock up stage which was  day 9 says the franchisee Builder & Director Michael Johnson. Another benefit was we were able to work throughout the wet weather, as on day 7 the roof went on he pointed out, the tradesmen were impressed with the straight & trueness of the engineered structure, he added.

Our cold shell option, locked up & weatherproof in 10 days will allow any  builder, including owner builders the opportunity to fit out & complete the house in up to 1/3rd the construction time of a brick veneer home.

Panel Homes will bring a change of direction to the building industry & as the forecast housing demand increases, this system will allow builders to construct up to 3 times the number of homes each year.

The extra  homes being built through this technology  means more work  in the construction industry & related trades, creating a  need for more tradesmen & opening up opportunities for more apprenticeships.

A percentage of profit from every Panel Home built across Australia goes to developing ways of assisting men’s health & mental health in the building industry via the master franchisee Mates Group, a not for profit social enterprise.

Franchises for Panel Homes are still available for purchase in NSW & other regions of Australia.


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